5 Reasons You Need a Logo Redesign

In today’s blog post we will be discussing 5 reasons you need to redesign/update your businesses logo & branding.


Having a contemporary logo gives the impression to your consumers that you are aware of current trends which suit their needs. Rebranding to have a more contemporary look is very common, especially with large iconic brands such as Google. Whether it’s a subtle change or a complete rework, having a contemporary logo will benefit your brand, even for traditional brands which can keep their heritage through modern design. This can mean a more innovative or minimalistic design which shows off everything consumers need to know about your brand in a simple way.

Microsoft Logo Development
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Represent Brand Values

As your company grows, your brand values may change. Your logo needs to represent these new values so it makes the correct impression to your consumers. Depending on your brand identity, your logo may look outdated, so a redesign can help, but keep your values in a more effective contemporary design.

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In modern times, logos are used across a wide range of platforms, where some logos weren’t designed with this in mind. Your logo needs to be flexible to work in different environments where dimensions change. If your logo isn’t available in an array of different sizes to be adapted to fit different environments, it’s time for that to change.

Beue Media and Queen's Lane Consultations Logo Variations
Beue Media and Queen’s Lane Consultations Logo Variations

Your Logo Doesn’t Stand Out Enough

In all markets, it is essential for your logo to stand out from your competitors. Your logo is the first touchpoint of your brand, meaning standing out will have an impact on both your brand and your bottom line. It is important to grab the attention of your consumers quickly, communicating your core values and attracting your target audience.

Rebranding with new company colours

As time passes your market may change, meaning you may require a rebrand to adapt the direction of your business to this “market change”. This may mean the structure of your branding will need a new look, including new colours. Colour can have an impact on a company’s branding and marketing, but also need to be used correctly to represent the personality of your brand.

Here at Beue Media, we specialise in logo & branding design – so if you are thinking about updating your branding or logo in the near future please don’t hesitate to contact us at enquiry@beuemedia.com, or via our graphic design page.


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