Our Logo Design Process

Olivia Wood Logo Featured Image

In this week’s blog post, I am going to show off an example of what our logo design process looks like. The example I will use is one of the recent logo designs we made for Olivia, who is setting up her own personal training business.

Design Questionnaire

Our logo design process begins with a questionnaire. This helps us understand what our clients’ business is all about, from their vision to their long term business goals. We use the answers from the questionnaire to create the initial logo designs for the clients, the amount we design varies on which package they have purchased.

Initial Sketches for Olivia Sadie Wood Personal Training Logo
Initial Sketches for Olivia’s Logo

First Revision

In the first revision, we walk through our designs with the client, giving them the opportunity to leave feedback for which avenues to develop further.

Initial Designs for Olivia Sadie Wood Personal Training Logo
Initials Designs for Olivia’s Logo

Repeating The Revision Process

We then use the feedback from the first revision to make amendments to the designs. In this example, we agreed with Olivia that it would be best to add a symbol relating to personal training (which she initially didn’t want). She sent us some examples of icon styles which she liked the aesthetic of, so we incorporated those within the designs we had made so far.

Developed Designs for Olivia Sadie Wood Personal Training Logo
Developed Designs for Olivia’s Logo

Final Logo

We repeated the revision cycle process for the number of revisions that she had in her package, then created her final logo. The final step was to create all of the files types which she would need, in different sizing and formats (eg JPG and PNG). Below is her final logo design.

Olivia Wood Personal Training logo, designed by Beue Media.
Olivia’s Final Logo