The Challenge

DecodeXP exists to create team-working challenges in a re-imagined way using personality mapping and providing a custom experience for other companies. They “focus on developing the ‘I in teams’ by enabling individuals to gain an evidence-based understanding of their natural role within a group, build resilience and inspire them to operate at their best as they face new challenges”.

From the same owners of, our task was to create a new website for DecodeXP, using some features from their other website. The mission was to have a slick and professional-looking website which could tell the story and provide all the necessary information for what DecodeXP has to offer.

Our Approach

To start off our process we spoke with Jamie, the founder of DecodeXP, and already having a good understanding of what they wanted after inspecting the Challenger Escapes website we were able to create some initial sketches of what we could create with the content that we were given.

The About page was highlighted as the main focal point for information on the site. We ensured a stand out feature on the home page directed users to the about page. This being the brief overview of How DecodeXP Works. We also added in a menu section within the footer which had anchored links to each section of the About page. This allowed us to have multiple ways of getting the user to the about page where they could learn the value of DecodeXP and how it could benefit them.

Working with Jamie and the DecodeXP team was an absolute pleasure and we look forward to working with them in the future.