The Holt Twins

The Holt Twins packaging, designed by Beue Media.

Practical packaging design for a needed Vegan product

Working with the Holt Twins was an absolute pleasure. We were tasked to re-create their logo and then build a label for their new Vitamin B-12 Supplement for Vegans. Over the last couple of years, they had been building an online following on Instagram amassing over 45,000 followers, so they had a great outlay potential customers to market too.

Their mission is to continuously thrive and grow. They’re focused on sustainability, so if it’s not sustainable, they’re not supporting it. Sustainability on a plant-based diet is important, not just for them, but the planet that we call our home. One of the most common deficiencies on a vegan diet is Vitamin B12. To help replenish their friends & followers who fully align with their way of life, they’ve created the most bioavailable Vitamin B12 available.

A new logo for a new product

When designing a product label, it’s always important to think about who will be looking to buy it and be happy to have it in their kitchen. With this is mind, we opted for a full contemporary look & feel redesign, bringing their label and logo to life with a recognisable modern style and colour.