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Website design projects.

Custom E-commerce project.

A fully seamless online shopping experience.

Working with Caroline at Sew La Di Da Vintage was a great experience, a true creative with endless ideas. Before starting the website design project we designed the new packaging for her sewing patterns, which you can see in the graphic design portfolio below.

We started the website design process with a conversation, already having a good understanding of what Caroline wanted aesthetically, from working with her during her packaging project. During this conversation Caroline answered questions based around what she wanted to achieve from the website and her business as a result. This is an important factor to highlight, because when we design a website we focus on what you want to achieve matched with our own digital expertise.  When we discuss these questions with you, we to an extent, emerge ourselves in your business meaning we feel your pains. Our perspective on the project is clear and it isn’t finished until you the client and us at Beue Media are both satisfied with the result.

Fully optimised for mobile.

Carolines E-commerce website needed to be optimised for mobile, due to over 60% of internet users only accessing it via their smartphone, plus her large following on Instagram which is a mobile first platform. If your website isn’t optimised for mobile, it will perform badly. You lose customers which means you’re losing money. It’s simple. Your website must be optimised for mobile.

An online website with a global vision.

Caroline’s large audience on Instagram stems across the globe, meaning potential buyers with different currencies. To solve this problem we implemented a live currency converter, which once selected adjusts and displays the prices on all of the products in the selected currency. It’s key to note that when they checked out, it was converted back into GBP.

Graphic design projects.

Packaging design project.

Practical packaging design for a vegan product.

Working with the Holt Twins was an absolute pleasure. We were tasked to re-create their logo and then design a label for their new Vitamin B-12 Supplement, for Vegans. Over the last couple of years they had been building an online following on Instagram amassing over 45,000 followers, so they had a great outlay of potential customers to market to.

Their mission is to continuously thrive and grow. They’re focused on sustainability, so if it’s not sustainable, they’re not supporting it. Sustainability on a plant based diet is important, not just for them, but the planet as well. One of the most common deficiencies on a vegan diet is Vitamin B12. To help replenish their friends & followers who fully align with their way of life, they’ve created the most bioavailable Vitamin B12. 

A new logo for a new product.

When designing a product’s label, it’s always important to think about who will be looking to buy it and be happy to have it in their kitchen. With this in mind, we opted for a fully contemporary look & feel design, bringing their label and logo to life with a recognisable modern style and colour.