Shopify Theme Setup

We setup & customise a Shopify theme for you.

How The Shopify Theme Setup Works.

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Select A Shopify Theme

To begin the creation of your website, you get to pick an existing Shopify theme to be the foundations of your website. We will show you multiple themes which match what you are trying to achieve from your website, as well as recommending which we think works best for your business.

Customised Theme

After your theme has been selected, we will customise it for your business, influenced on what you want it to look like visually and what works best for your business. We ensure everything is set up correctly and securely.

Sell Unlimited Products

The Shopify Theme Setup allows for you to add as many products as you want to your website. If you only want to sell up to 9 products in total, our eCommerce Add-On may be a better option for you.

Add Your Own Products

If you decide you want more products on your website after it has gone live, you can add them yourself. The website is set up in a way where you are able to add more products easily. Don’t worry, we will provide videos on how to do this.

Get Started.

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