The Challenge

DecodeXP exists to create team-working challenges in a re-imagined way using personality mapping and providing a custom experience for other companies. They “focus on developing the ‘I in teams’ by enabling individuals to gain an evidence-based understanding of their natural role within a group, build resilience and inspire them to operate at their best as they face new challenges”.

From the same owners of, our task was to create a new website for DecodeXP, using some features from their other website. The mission was to have a slick and professional-looking website which could tell the story and provide all the necessary information for what DecodeXP has to offer.

Our Approach

To start off our process we spoke with Jamie, the founder of DecodeXP, and already having a good understanding of what they wanted after inspecting the Challenger Escapes website we were able to create some initial sketches of what we could create with the content that we were given.

The About page was highlighted as the main focal point for information on the site. We ensured a stand out feature on the home page directed users to the about page. This being the brief overview of How DecodeXP Works. We also added in a menu section within the footer which had anchored links to each section of the About page. This allowed us to have multiple ways of getting the user to the about page where they could learn the value of DecodeXP and how it could benefit them.

Working with Jamie and the DecodeXP team was an absolute pleasure and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Queen’s Lane Consultants

The Challenge

Queen’s Lane Consultants exists to make R&D Tax Credits accessible to businesses across the UK. Their professional client-first approach had made them one of the fastest-growing companies in their industry.

Their old website was a year old, and due to their rate of growth was stale and out of date. It needed to be redesigned from the ground up with their new encrypted client portal in mind. Their website needed to represent their new size and success as a company. 

Beue Media Portfolio | QLC Website | Our Team Beue Media Portfolio | QLC Website | Matt Amery Beue Media Portfolio | QLC Website | Client Case Studies Beue Media Portfolio | QLC Website | Greig & Stephenson Limited

Our Approach

We started the website design process with a conversation, already having a good understanding of what QLC wanted after designing their client portal. Meaning we could redeploy the design language used for their new website. 

Having access to their Google Analytics account, meant we could investigate the user flow of their old website and use this data to improve the User Experience of the new site. We found a high volume of users visiting the “Our Team” page, meaning we needed to explore ways to cater for this higher volume of users. We decided to create a unique page for each employee allowing users to learn more about QLC’s great team.

Beue Media Portfolio | QLC Website | How You Qualify Beue Media Portfolio | QLC Website | Qualifying With Architecture Beue Media Portfolio | QLC Website | Our Offices Beue Media Portfolio | QLC Website | Book A Call

Working with QLC and Frank was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to working with QLC in the future.

“Jacob was fantastic throughout the entire process, he was up to speed and informed, professional and good to deal with.

I would recommend him to anyone in need of a professional website builder.”

Frank Collings

Managing Director – Queen Lane’s Consultants

Nature’s First Aid

Working with Deborah at Nature’s First Aid was an absolute pleasure, she had a strong vision for her new eCommerce website. Before beginning the project she answered the website design questionnaire, which allowed us to see her true perspective of not only the vision of her new website but also her aspirations of the business as a whole.


Fully optimised for mobile

Deborah’s eCommerce website needed to be optimised for mobile, over 50% of internet users are only accessing it via their smartphones and as 88% of users that have a bad experience on a website don’t return, we needed to get it right. Especially when eCommerce websites are concerned, if a user has a bad experience they won’t make an order. Most bad experiences on websites are from incorrect or incomplete UX (user experience) or a website not being optimised for mobile or tablet.

Product Variants

Nature’s First Aid natural oil kits had a variety of extra options which included a personal tag and pouch colour choice. To incorporate this within the project page, we created multiple product variant options for users to pick from. Thus allowing them to display multiple product options through just one project page. A really powerful tool for a business of their size.


Ending Note

Again it was an absolute pleasure to work with Nature’s First Aid on their new website. We wish them all the success here at Beue Media, just like we do for the rest of our clients.


“I feel very lucky to have been introduced to Jacob a couple of months ago on a photoshoot. Since then the world has fallen into lockdown and it has not been possible to find work as a photographer.

Simply, I cannot praise Jacob enough for his creativity and support helping me set up a new website in these challenging times. No question has not gone unanswered with clarity and patience. He has been the perfect balance of professional expertise and inspiration. I could not be happier with the website he has created for me and I recommend him wholeheartedly. The website he has created speaks for itself.”

Deborah Schenck

Owner of Nature’s First Aid

The Holt Twins

The Holt Twins packaging, designed by Beue Media.

Practical packaging design for a needed Vegan product

Working with the Holt Twins was an absolute pleasure. We were tasked to re-create their logo and then build a label for their new Vitamin B-12 Supplement for Vegans. Over the last couple of years, they had been building an online following on Instagram amassing over 45,000 followers, so they had a great outlay potential customers to market too.

Their mission is to continuously thrive and grow. They’re focused on sustainability, so if it’s not sustainable, they’re not supporting it. Sustainability on a plant-based diet is important, not just for them, but the planet that we call our home. One of the most common deficiencies on a vegan diet is Vitamin B12. To help replenish their friends & followers who fully align with their way of life, they’ve created the most bioavailable Vitamin B12 available.

A new logo for a new product

When designing a product label, it’s always important to think about who will be looking to buy it and be happy to have it in their kitchen. With this is mind, we opted for a full contemporary look & feel redesign, bringing their label and logo to life with a recognisable modern style and colour.

Sew La Di Da Vintage

A fully seamless online shopping experience

Working with Caroline at Sew La Di Da Vintage was a great experience, a true creative with an endless mind of ideas. Before starting the website design project we designed her new packaging for her sewing patterns, which you can see in our graphic design portfolio section below.

We started the website design process with a conversation, already having a good understanding of what Caroline wanted from working with her during her packaging project. During this conversation, Caroline answered questions based on what she wanted to achieve from the website and her business as a result. This is an important factor to highlight because when we design a website we focus the whole design on what you want to achieve matched with our own digital expertise.  When we discuss these questions with you we, to an extent, emerge ourselves in your business meaning we feel your pains and our perspective on the project is clear and it isn’t finished until you the client and we at Beue Media are both satisfied with the result.

Fully optimised for mobile

Carolines E-commerce website needed to be optimised for mobile, due to over 50% of internet users only accessing it via their smartphone & she has a large following on Instagram which is a mobile-first platform. If your website isn’t optimised for mobile, it will perform badly meaning you lose customers which means you’re losing money. It’s simple. Your website must be optimised for mobile.







An online website with a global vision

Caroline’s large audience on Instagram stems across the globe, meaning potential buyers with different currencies. To solve this problem we implemented a live currency converter, which once selected adjusts and displays the prices on all of the products in the selected currency. It’s key to note that when they checked out, it was converted back into GBP.