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Jacob Sargent

Founder and Designer

Hi, I’m Jacob.

I am the founder of Beue Media and have a strong passion for creative user experience and web development.

In October 2018, I started at the University of Loughborough studying International Business. While studying I continued my work for a startup company which I worked for during my gap year. This company became my first client. Impressing them and their investors was not my first foot in the door, but my first foot in many doors. As Beue got busier I decided to withdraw from my University course and pursue Beue full time.

Now working with over 45 clients around the world, it has become something really special, although Beue still being small, I believe it has great potential to become everyone’s local global creative studio.

When I’m not working, I enjoy expanding my knowledge on global economics and computer science, mainly Web Development & AI. I enjoy socialising while also playing for my local football team. Finally I love traveling, my favourite visit so far was Hong Kong, what a city.

Alex Jones

Co-Founder and Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Alex!

I am a co-founders for Beue Media with a passion for creative and innovative designs. I was born in Birmingham but grew up in Lyme Regis, in the south west of England.

In May 2020, I finished my BA Honours degree in Graphic Design at Art University Bournemouth, achieving a First Class Honours. I began my journey here as a generalist designer, learning about all of the fundamentals of graphic design, which I still use every day. Since then I have been working for Beue and enjoying working with new clients from around the world, on a variety of different and interesting projects.

Outside of the design world I like to socialise and live an active lifestyle, playing football for my local team and taking every opportunity as it comes to live my best life.

So why did I want to work with Beue? Having this opportunity offered me a great chance to express my creativity and ideas through a well formatted system, engaging with clients and having fun whilst designing great outcomes to benefit our clients.