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Time to answer your website design & business questionnaire.

The Website Design Questionnaire.

It gives you the chance to describe what you want to achieve from your website, what you want it to look like and how your business works in general. Giving us an understanding of how to move forward with your project. We will call you to confirm your details and any queries before moving to the next step.

Your Personal Proposal.

Once we have had a discussion over the phone and read through your answers we will create your personal proposal, which will go over the project in detail, the service and the terms of our relationship moving forward. Once signed we will send through your Unique Payment Link and once paid you will receive your Website Content Form.

Our Website Design Process.


Time to answer your website design & business questionnaire.

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Frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between a hosted and a basic mailbox?

A “hosted mailbox” is a hosted G-suit mailbox account allowing you access to all of the G-suit account benefits such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar and much much more. A basic mail box is a simple “webmail mailbox”, you will need to setup your mailbox in your own mail processing software.

What happens if I miss a payment?

We will notify you that you missed your payment and provide you with your payment link to rectify the issue, if you don’t reply and act in no way to pay your debt within 14 days, we will have to suspend all of our services provided to you.

What does “custom page” mean?

A custom page is a custom designed website page for you, optimised for mobile and tablet. We do however have a maximum page height of 10,000 pixels (which is a lot).

I don’t understand what all of the features are?

That’s very normal for someone who hasn’t worked within this industry before. In each package we go into detail about what each feature is and how it works. If you are still confused, please get in touch here.

What happens if I don’t use all of the pages in my package?

You can add them later to your website at no extra cost, all you need to do is provide the content for your additional page and we will put it together for you.

Can I redesign my current website with one of these packages?

The answer is yes! It’s actually easier to re-design a website then design one from scratch. 

I’m worried that I will lose my business email if I redesign my current website.

Don’t worry you wont! We will make sure that you keep your email address and all of your old received and sent emails. Email accounts can be a confusing concept, thats why we recommend that you purchase your mailbox through your domain host so they are always connected.

Can I pay annually instead of paying monthly?

We understand that some people don’t like their bank account statement being busy with monthly payments, thats why we offer a yearly payment plan with all of our hosting packages. So the answer is yes, you can pay annually. Please get in touch if you wish to proceed with this. 

Will my website be on Google?

Yes it will, we can’t guarantee that your website will be ranked #1 for every related keyword but we will however, lay down the groundwork with the Essential SEO to get you started in the right direction. We have a Professional SEO package coming soon!

How big can a Custom Page be?

Max height of 10,000pixels and max width of 1,600pixels.

What our clients say.

Our business is built on relationships – it sounds cliche, but it’s true. We believe that repeat business and growth stem from great work that keeps our clients coming back.

Justin & Robbie Holt
Justin & Robbie HoltThe Holt Twins
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“Jacob’s team were epic! No doubt we’d recommend him to anyone in need of his services. A truly talented designer both on and off the web.

Hiring Jacob has us a beautiful website which got amazing feedback.”
Richard Smith
Richard SmithDirector - Sam Systems 2012 Ltd
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"After the experience of the creation of our company's website, I can thoroughly recommend Jacob Sargent at Beue Media. He has immense patience, creative energy, style and vision way beyond his years. You could say:- An old head on young shoulders..!!

If you are considering the creation of a new website, or even updating an existing site, you will be in a safe pair of hands with someone who will listen and interpret your ideas very well and who will be there with the backup you may need to run the site after its creation."
Neil Hamlin
Neil HamlinThe Alcove
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“Jacob and his team were fantastic to work with but also professional in their approach, I am delighted with my new website.

They currently host my website which means they deal with any problems and look after it for me which, I don’t have time for! They created a professional website that is perfect for my business, I highly recommended Jacob at Beue Media for your next design project!”
Frank Collings
Frank CollingsMD - Queen Lane's Consultants
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"Jacob was fantastic throughout the entire process, he was up to speed and informed, professional and good to deal with.

I would recommend him to anyone in need of a professional website builder."


Time to answer your website design & business questionnaire.